Local MP's Tom Tugendhat & Tracey Crouch call for action on M20 noise

Tom Tugendhat - “Since Highways England began works on the Smart Motorway between Junctions 3 and 5 of the M20, a number of trees have been cut down to allow for the construction of the project. If you live in Addington, Ryarsh, Leybourne Chase or any other community near the Motorway I’m sure you’ll have heard an increase in noise recently.

That’s why I’ve called, along with Tracey Crouch, for Highways England to resurface the whole road with the quietest possible road surface. Currently they only plan to do two of the four lanes.

Here’s our letter to the Chief Executive asking for a rethink. It seems sensible to do all the lanes while the works are taking place, particularly as the existing surface is nearing the end of its useful life and the other lanes are being completed. Let’s hope Highways England bosses see sense.”

Source: https://www.tomtugendhat.org.uk/news/m20-sound-barrier